death metal crust ala BOLT THROWER Poland vs USA
100 kč / 4 euro  


on his tape HxSx do harh noise and Napalmed industrial harsh noise, Canada vs. Czech republic
limit 100 copy
80 kč / 3 euro 

noise harsh noise experimental Czech republic vs Netherlands
120 kč/4.8 euro

tape ANGST!!! compilation punk, crust, grindcore...
with bands:
Aterpe (Thailand) hcpunk
Fuser (Italy) hcpunk
To Die (Indonesia) noisecore
Sposa In Alto Mare (Italy) crust/grind
LTP (Russia) dirty hardcore punk Siberian crude
Intakt (Serbia) crust/grind
Matka Teresa (Holland) grindcore
Des Acato (Colombia) crust
Eutanasia (Colombia) anarchopunk/dbeat
Rotgut (Malaysia) grindcore
Amor y Rabia (Colombia) hc punk
Ill Content (USA) hardcore
Death Section (Malaysia) grind
Terror Nuclear (Colombia) hc punk
Alea Iacta Est (Slovakia) grind
Bombatölcsér (Czech rep.) crust
Piel Y Huesos (Venezuela) crust
Mácula (Brazil)

tape VIOLENCIA INMINENTE-Pestilencia Social
hc punk Chile
second press, limit 50 copy

click to review from Maximum Rocknroll 352

tape JAHAT - live studio in hell
dbeat crust Indonesia 5 songs at 9 minutes
limit 98 copy
2 euro/50 kč 

tape HEURISTIK - money power control
dbeat crust Indonesia 4 songs at 10 minutes
limit 98 copy
2 euro/50 kč 

 tape ANKYLYM - völk
art chaos folk Russia
50 kč / 2 euro

tape Limited Liability Sounds/Dao De Noize
noise ambient Poland/Ukraine
limit 23 copy on tracing paper

tape Gorgonized Dorks/Paregorik 
experimantal noise California USA/noise Czech republic 2 euro/50 kč

noise core USA 
2 euro/50 kč

tape Coaxil/Ilia Belorukov
limit 25 copy 3 euro/80 kč

Ilia Belorukov (b.1987) is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He 
works in the direction of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. 
He’s a member of different projects such as Wozzeck, Wooden Plants, 
Benzolnye Mertvecy, Punktieren and others. He collaborates with musicians 
who work in other genres (from hardcore and metal to academic contemporary 
music); with dancers and painters; with theater. Ilia practices an 
experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone, uses laptop, 
electric-guitar and other instruments. Also he is a founder of Intonema 
label ( Organizer of events in Russia, 
co-organizer of the Teni Zvuka festival.

Coaxil is the five-piece audio-visual performance group formed in 2007 in 
Saint-Petersburg, Russia by the members of "Glina" and "Benzolnye 
mertvecy". The band began as a power noise duo and their earliest music 
was made with sampler and the closed chain of the guitar pedals. Later 
they switched to the synthesizers and moved to more colder and 
minimalistic sound by changing static analog noise to large pallete of 
abstract clicks, glitches and micronoise. At present their performances 
revolve around the improvisations based on interaction of minimal 
electronic music and video stream.

tape RDCD - Magnum Opus
harshnoise Kansas City, USA
limit 23 copy
2 euro/50 kč 

7" Raven - A Comprehensive Guide To Dismantling The Weapons Of Mass Destruction
noise Serbia
3 euro/80 kč

tape Xtematic/Raven
noise Croatia/Serbia
limit 33 copies 3 euro/80 kč

tape compilation Hluková Sekce 2012
Czech and Slovak noise artist seven from each country
(Czech: Sklo, Wee Colossus, Ruinu, Count Portmon, Napalmed, Paregorik, Garasu)
(Slovakia: Charming Assistant, 900 Piesek, N.K.T.T., Noise Mortana, ...Lesom, Drén, 
Sigi Tobias)
14 bands copies
40 copies
3 euro/80 kč


tape Smích Hyen
emo crust Czech republic 2.4 euro/60 kč

tape Ghosts Of Dead Tables
harshnoise Indiana, USA
limit 27 copies 3 euro/80 kč

tape 900/piesek/Garasu
noise Slovakia/Czech rep.
limit 33 copies  3 eruo/80 kč

LP PARTIYA-Assholeraisers
crust/grind Belarussia
7.5 euro/180 kč

tape Benzolnye Mertvecy-Nedozvedy
decsription from band: combines frenzied noisepunk and gearshaping grindcore from Russia
limit 40 copies first side black second side white
2 euro/50 kč

review from MRR 350

diy tape Xtematic-constructive misanthropy
2x harsh noise, 2x dark ambient and 2x experimental noise track
limit 40 copies 2 euro/50 kč

tape E330-2003-2008 slovakia raw hc with hungary lyrics 2 euro/50 kč
limited to 300 copies

tape Zudas Krust-A Loyal Slave to the Apocapyptic Order indonesian d-beat crust 2 euro/50 kč

tape Bombardir-The End Of The World indonesian crust 2 euro/50 kč

indonesian crust 2 euro/50 kč


hardcore punk Greece
200 kč/8 euro

tape DICHOTOMY ENGINE - Mass Desolation
ambient/drone Serbia
limit 25 copies 
3 euro/70 kč

tape SHITNOISE BASTARDS - campaign for musical destruction ep tape
noisegrind Malaysia limit 30 copy, red, yellow and green cover

tape RAD - Loud and Fast
80" hcpunk Sacramento, USA

check them here: 
60 kč/2.4 euro

first press: 55 copy,
color tapes: grey, green, blue, red and pink with color labels "last copies"


second press: 50 copy

first press:

second press:

tape VIVISEKTIO - Systeemin Uhri
hc punk Finland
first press 50 copies green tape, repress 50 copies green tape
3 euro/80 kč
 review from Maximum Rocknroll 355-

diy tape THIRD I-audiodrome
ambient/industrial/noise act Serbia
limit 40 copies 2 euro/50 kč

Tape SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - canti liturgici
crust/grind from Italy, limited to 100 copies 
2 euro/50 kč

tape Nihilizzm/Kazamate
grindcore Poland/hc Italy
40 kč/1.6 euro

industrial noise power electronics Italy
experimental harsh noise Japan 
limit 25 copy 
3 euro / 80 kč 

tape The Truth - Voices from Past
oldschool hc from Serbia and Croatia
limit 55 copy 3 euro/80 kč

7" Juventud Crasa
punkrock Puero Rico
3 euro/80 kč

7" Zudas Krust - Dogs of the Doomland  

tape Mulct - Kylak 
power violence Belarussia
limit 50 copy (25x smoke clear and 25x black tape with white, red, light blue, green or yellow labels) + sticker
3 euro/80 kč

LP Hiroshima NIghtmare/Azid 
crust punk České Budějovice, Czech rep,/hc punk Sušice Czech rep.
8 euro/200 kč

7'' Los Rezios/Whipstriker
crust Lima, Peru/metalpunk Rio De Janeiro Brazil

7'' Rabies/Chulo  
hardcore-violence Czech republic/power violence Colombia

tape Total Banxat - When The Death Comes 
crust dbeat Indonesia
limit 50 copies 2 euro/50 kč
review from MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL 361

tape Jah Excretion/Animal Machine
harsh noise Japan vs. England
limit 25 copies
2.4 euro/60 kč


LP Gomora - Poslední Jízda
crust Czech republic

tape Zudas Krust - Here Lies Your Gods 
crust/dbeat Indonesia 3 euro/80 kč
review from Maximum Rocknroll 355

10'' Helltard/The Truth
fast/grind vs oldschool hc Serbia
7.5 euro/180 kč

floppy disc Raven - Killing point
serbian noise

tape Violencia Inminente-Pestilencia Social
hc punk Chile
first press, limit 50 copies 3 euro/80 kč

review from Maximum Rocknroll 352
tape Torturing Nurse/Takashi Ohkawa
harshnoise China vs Holland
limit 50 copies 3 euro/80 kč

black metal Moscow, Russia

tape JAHAT - 5 songs demo 
dbeat Indonesia
limit 50 copies

              review from Maximum Rocknroll 352

noisecore Malaysia/Canada 3 euro/80 kč

diy tape Infecting The Dissected/Pataz
noisecore USA/lofi powerviolence with sludge parts Indonesia
limit 27 copies 
1.5 euro/40 kč

recycle tape Booby Mason-silentium
russian harsh noise limit 20 copies
free price

recycle tape Booby Mason-freedom before god  
russian harsh noise limit 25 copies
free price

tape Bonehole-Pure 4th
harshnoise british guy what live in south korea
limit 40 copies 3 euro/80 kč

review from MRR 350

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