trades, releases...

trade is welcome, im intersting at zines, tapes (also if you can record me some interesting band let me know), vinyls, flyers, arts, comix... but no music cds sorry.

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    Sal Champion: guitars, vocals and Garand M1
    Apocalypse Giò: bass and wrestling
    Doktor Hell: drums and drill

    Recorded by FRANK at Brainstorm - Vimercate - Area 3 - 19th district - ITALY

    free download:



    01 - Zombieland
    02 - Saw
    03 - Purple Brain
    04 - She's a Werewolf
    05 - Walking Dead
    06 - I Wanna Kill You
    07 - James Dean
    08 - Werewolves
    09 - Live or Give Up
    10 - Prince of Darkness
    11 - Zombie Lover
    12 - The Ring
    13 - I'm the One
    14 - Day of the Apocalypse

    CAVAVERMAN, ZOMBIE HUNTER DIVISION 22 - Area 3 - 19th district - Monza territory - ITALY
    An evening like many others, rehearsal room, we play for the imminent release of the album, at the end we go out and ... there’s no one ... lights, mixer and audio-video terminals on ... but there’s nobody around.
    From then on that underground bunker outside the city has become our base ZH.
    Night excursions in the nearby malls and related stocks piled on ensure us the survival of our body ... we keep mental balance with bass and guitar riffs, hitting the bass drum and the snare, with the screams of the punk-rock...
    “When I got the music, I got a place to go”, someone used to sing, and with our music we chase away the demons of our loved ones and the eaten turned into zombies who wander the suburbs around us.
    Over time we discovered an underground world survived the holocaust that keeps healthy habits ... There are concerts around, there are people producing beer, supporting the music scene, organizing and attaching flyers on the walls encrusted with blood ... thanks to server strenuously defended by the zombie hordes networking contacts assure
    us essential information logistics on the safe areas, on the other bases located in the various districts and vital engagements ... to play or to exterminate zombies.
    Thanks to the community survived on the net we are alive and we play for you.

  2. Hello friends, I invite you to hear my noisegrind project Mindless Fucking Drone, with the hit singles "Turbocharged Mutant Zombie Pigs From Hell" and "Ballad of a Mindless Fucking Drone":